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From Luke


Dear Friends,

Today, I launched my campaign to keep Hartford moving forward, and I’m asking for your help to do it.

Over the past three years, we brought our city from bankruptcy to stability. Today, we’re moving from stability to strength.

We’ve got lots of work left to do. But we’ve got momentum, and can’t afford to slow down now.

From Blue Hills to Parkville, Upper Albany to Frog Hollow, Five Corners to Coltsville, we’re bringing blighted buildings back to life.

We’ve made Hartford a hub for innovation once again.

We’re changing attitudes, building partnerships, and restoring confidence in our Capital City.

And we haven’t just fixed broken budgets and built new buildings, we’ve kept the promise to fight for all of our residents.

We created a Youth Service Corps, giving year-round, part-time job opportunities to young people who need those opportunities most — all funded with private contributions.

We protected the summer youth employment program, helped homeless families find stable housing, made Hartford a leader in environmental responsibility, and fought for a second chance society by opening Hartford’s reentry welcome center.

And we fought for the basic principle that Hartford is — and always will be — a welcoming city.

We’re not done yet — not even close.

With crisis behind us, we’re going to focus relentlessly on those basic quality of life issues that matter in every neighborhood.

But we have a path, and we have a plan. And I’m asking for your help to keep Hartford moving.

I love this city, I believe in this city, and I’m so grateful for the chance to serve this city with you.